4 Tips on How to Write Better Ad Copy for Your AdWords Campaigns

A lot of time the effort of writing the perfect ad copy for AdWords campaigns are overlooked. Sometimes it is even regarded as just something that can be easily scribbled down and placed. There is a bit of a science behind it, as you will see in the tips we’ve put together for you below.

#1 Conduct Some Research

First, see what your competitors are doing before just jumping in at the deep end. You might just end up drowning! After you have an idea of the type of keywords that are performing better, setting up your list of identified keywords should be as easy as pie.

#2 Create Categories for Ads

Being successful in AdWords advertising means doing your homework, measuring, changing, and being flexible. But it also means you need to be specific about your goals and what you want to achieve. Creating categories for your ads will simplify the writing process.

#3 Write Clearly and Concisely

And don’t forget that very important call to action! Remember, when users see ads they need to know what it is you are expecting of them. You also only have a limited amount of characters to write the copy, so make every character count!

#4 Testing and Measuring

You don’t have to sit in front of the screen 24/7, but do keep an eye on the performance of your ads. If you notice one is not performing as it should, edit and rerun. Most of the times success is achieved by way of trial and error.

We hope these couple of tips will help you in your Google AdWords adventure! Keep in mind that it is a game of concentration and patience and knowing your product and ultimate goal. Without these you are pretty much left in the dark and so is your audience!

5. Usability Across All Devices

Of course, this one is quite obvious. You need to always design a website that will be responsive to ALL devices and browsers. Make sure your site is responsive during the testing round before launch. If it is not, revise and change accordingly. Keep in mind that more people are using smartphones and tablets to access the internet nowadays, so it is really important for your site to function properly, cross-device.

These are just a few key points to keep in mind before kicking off that big project. What are some of the principles that you apply in your day-to-day? Let us know!