5 of The Worst AdWords Practices You Should Avoid at All Cost

Getting started in AdWords might seem a bit daunting if this is a whole new field for you. There’s so many things to select and to follow, it can be overwhelming. We’ve compiled a very brief guide on things you should be wary of and avoid on your journey into AdWords awesomeness.

Running Out Of Funds With a Depleted Daily Budget

Make sure you never run out of funds with a depleted daily budget. Remember, the bigger the budget, the bigger the chances of reaching the correct audience.

Not Doing Research on The Competition

Don’t forget to do research on competition. Seeing what competitors are doing will give you an added advantage. You are able to compare keywords and see whether what you have in your court stacks up nicely with whoever you are up against!

Not testing your ads

If you don’t apply A/B testing, there is no way in knowing whether you are putting out ads that are performing the best they could.

Lack of Negative Keywords in Your Campaigns

Negative keywords helps Google to ensure the correct traffic is coming your way. What this means is that when you set a specific negative keywords, when users search for that keyword, your and won’t show.

Bad Linking in Your Ad

Whatever campaign you’re running, you will have to include a link back to your site. It is one of the biggest crimes against the industry to just copy and paste whatever page you have open in your ad copy. Make a point of it to place the correct link in your copy – it might just get you more conversions!

Have you ever been guilty of committing any of the above? Perhaps you have another one that you would like to share with us and our readers. Add it to our comment section below!